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Nukus discovers that his creator was actually Art Fortune's incarcerated brother, Les Fortunes. Nukus busts Les out of prison and Les now serves him by creating new villains and monsters for him. In turn, Art creates new powers, armor, and weapons for the kids, they rename themselves Beetleborgs Metallix. They are later assisted by the Astralborgs, four Beetleborgs created by Art Fortunes as a child when he and Les worked together on their only collaboration, the Lost Comic. Nukus formed his own evil group, named the Crustaceans. He would later recruit more faithful followers from the Lost Comic in the form of the Mantrons.

Nukus and Vilor eventually gained upgraded Mega forms and to counteract this, the Beetleborgs were given an upgrade by Roboborg, who fused their Metallix powers with their original powers, creating the Mega Spectra Beetleborgs. The Beetleborgs gaining the enemy Roboborg Boron as an ally, stripping Nukus of his greatest weapon, and Les Fortunes made the decision to return willingly to Charterville prison, disabling Nukus' ability to create new monsters out of illustrations. With no known way of returning the Crustaceans to the comic world, the Beetleborgs were left with an unresolved final battle with what was left of their foes.