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Database / Mystic Knights of Tir Na Nog

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Long ago, on an island of both mystery and mystique, two kingdoms stood divided by a long-time feud. The evil Queen Maeve, ruler of Temra, was fueled by her own belief that it was her birthright to rule the island. Maeve formed an alliance with a dark fairy, Mider, and is rewarded with extraordinary powers. Now with the ability to conjure of spells of sorcery, and gather the help of giants, ogres and other mystical beasts, she is determined to gain power over the kingdom of Kells.

Determined to stop Maeve, King Conchobar of Kells heard of a young man named Rohan who found a piece of the scroll that tells of a warrior named Draganta. It is said that Draganta has the power to defeat Maeve, and bring peace to the land. Rohan sets off on his noble journey with his friend Angus. While in their travels the two meet up with Prince Ivar, and Princess Deidre, the king's daughter. While on their journey the four friends discover the land of Tir Na Nog, and meet the Fairy King, Vin Farra. After putting them through a series of vigorous tests and battles, he grants them half a scroll, and the powers of the classic elements, Fire, Wind, Water and Earth.

With the help of friends, new and old, they journey through all kinds of terrain and battle different enemies as they continue their quest to find Draganta. With the aid of their powers, they soon become known far and wide, as the Mystic Knights of Tir Na Nog...