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The Dark Kingdom led by Queen Beryl, along with her four generals called the Shitennou, set to collect energy for the evil power known as Queen Metalia to conquer the Earth. Teenage middle-school students: exuberant Usagi Tsukino, studious yet insecure Amy Mizuno, paranormally gifted shrine maiden Rei Hino, and tomboy Makoto Kino, are chosen by the sentient stuffed cat Luna to defect Queen Beryl's forces as the Sailor Senshi. Seemingly popular J-pop idol Minako Aino, who Usagi admires, is secretly Sailor V, a acrobatic vigilante. She makes subtle reference to this double life in her music. She is looked after Artemis, another stuffed cat. Each Senshi is given transformation bracelets and a magical camera phone that changes their outfit similar to whomever they photograph. Luna gives them 'Passport' passes to enter a secret room in the Crown Karaoke center. Sailor Moon was occasionally assisted by Tuxedo Kamen, a jewel thief who is after the Ginzuishou (Illusionary Silver Crystal) because of his lost memories of the past and dreams that told him that the magical object could restore these memories. Sailor V made it her mission to stop his jewel heists, and he had several run ins with her, much to his dismay. Even Sailor V warns Sailor Moon not to get close to Tuxedo Kamen, she wraps her pink handkerchief on his wound.

When the Senshi first met Queen Beryl, Usagi was alarmed to find out they were originally from the Moon. Luna reassured her that her mother was really her mother. The Senshi believe their mission was to find and protect the Princess. When Zoisite attacked them, Sailor V then reveals to be Sailor Venus, the Princess. Usagi eventually began to warm up to Mamoru, whose path kept crossing with hers. She made a muffler for him on Valentine's day, but was sadden to find out Mamoru was engaged to a childhood friend named Hina Kusaka. Even worse, Hina was nice and sweet and Usagi couldn't find herself hating her love rival. Hina is the daughter of his patron who looked after him when he was younger, since his parents died when he was young. After finally making friends, Amy is left alone knitting friendship mittens in the Secret Base while everyone was off on their own adventures. Rei was convinced in fighting alone to become a better Senshi due to Minako's words; and Makoto was following Usagi and Mamoru and punched Tuxedo Kamen for leading Usagi on. On her walk home, Ami was confronted by Kunzite and was enveloped by purple-black energy and left her unconscious. Makoto goes to Ami's house when she doesn't go to school and finds her sick in bed. After she feeds her, Ami convinces Makoto to go to the carousel, where she passed out.

Makoto and Motoki took Ami to the hospital, where she disappears in black petals. Sailor Jupiter fights Kunzite, who has Ami and when Mars and Moon arrive, they are shocked to find Ami transform into Dark Mercury. It chilled the Senshi to bone to find Ami under an evil spell, she even had all the students at Juuban, including Naru turn against Usagi. Sailor Venus told Sailor Moon to fight against Mercury, that it's her duty, but she was still reluctant. Sailor Moon frequently attempted to heal her friend with the Ginzuishou. Unfortunately, Mercury is always snatched away before it could be completed, but it has some effect, ultimately resulting in her recovery. Usagi eventually discovers that Mamoru and Tuxedo Kamen are one and the same, much after the others did. Everyone believed Sailor Venus was the Princess but they all found they were mistaken, when Usagi was healing the wound Tuxedo Kamen and changed into the Moon Princess. Hina was concerned about Mamoru's strange behavior, especially by the strange pink handkerchief in his drawer. When she realized how close he and Usagi had become, she sent him to travel to London to study without her.

Long ago, Usagi was Princess Serenity of the Moon and Mamoru was the Prince Endymion of Earth. Their love ended in tragedy and was the cause of the end of the Silver Millennium, a time of peace. In Minako's eyes, Rei is supposed to be the secondary leader, but she is both less skilled than Minako and resentful of her advice. Although they often disagree and compete, they develop great respect for each other, to the point where Minako eventually confides to Rei about her illness. Besides the doctors in gave her six months to live, Minako's obsession with the collective past life made her feel detached from the world, thinking of her current life as less important. Besides her frustration by other's lack of focus, she didn't not want them to become close to her and then be saddened by her probable death. Dark Mercury was standing atop a high building, when she was confronted by an unknown Sailor Senshi. Because of the awakening of the Princess and the Silver Crystal, Luna gained new powers that allowed her to transform into a human and back to her plush form. Her appearance also confused the other Senshi and she was going to explain it until Dark Mercury and Kunzite attacked. She transformed into Sailor Luna and challenged Dark Mercury, but Kunzite announced that he will be her opponent. Meanwhile, Sailor Moon is thrown back into the lobby of the building and her and Dark Mercury continue their fight. Sailor Moon realized that Ami is returning to normal, called her 'Ami-chan,' and her brooch begins to glow with a brilliant golden light. Dark Mercury shields her eyes, but the image of Ami appears and calls out to Usagi. Kunzite appears and, telling Mercury to stand firm, blasts her with dark energy and the faint Ami image disappears. Dark Mercury turns to attack again and Sailor Moon tries to block with her Moonlight Stick, but it is shatters by Mercury's sword. Sailor Moon collapsed, but the sight of her injured friend causes her to realize she cares about Usagi, and to remember who she really is. After being healed, she has no memories of what happened while she was Dark Mercury. This haunts her, as she becomes terrified of what she may have done to her friends while not in control.

As if the struggle between the Dark Kingdom and the Senshi wasn't hard enough, Queen Beryl revealed that she had feelings for him as well, and threatened the Shitennou if Mamoru didn't come to her side. Mio Kuroki, a pop idol of Minako, transferred to Juuban Middle School. She pretended to be Usagi's friend while doing all in her power to cause her sadness. Mio faked fainting in front of Mamoru's motorcycle in order to kidnap him and take him to Queen Beryl. Sailor Venus and Zoisite even teamed up to split the two up. Zoisite agreed to it as long as Venus protect Endymion since Beryl had a tight grip on them both, but Venus did not hold up her end of the bargain. Mio taunted Mamoru that Beryl would kill him if he does not join the Dark Kingdom and become Beryl's lover. Mio was in actuality created from a part of Queen Beryl herself. Beryl tried to convince Mamoru, to come to the Dark Kingdom, Princess Serenity resurfaced within Usagi as Princess Sailor Moon and went on a rampage. Whenever Serenity used the Ginzuishou, Metalia's power somehow increased. The other girls convince Minako to undergo a surgery which might either cure or kill her early in hopes of taking any chance she can get. Artemis arrives at Rei's temple to tell the girls that Minako has died. In rage, Mars rushes into a battle finishing off a Youma. The conflict shifts to attempting to delay the inevitable devastation of the world. With Endymion trapped in the Dark Kingdom and in danger, Usagi could barely keep Serenity's power suppressed. And when Mamoru tried to suppress Metalia within himself, but became consumed and became Metalia Endymion. He had to be killed by Usagi.

As he laid dead, Queen Beryl demanded to know why the Princess had to take everything away from her, calling her the only evil. Makoto angrily says that Sailor Moon saved the planet from Queen Metalia, but Beryl points out that she also killed Endymion. This makes Usagi realize the magnitude of what she has done and as she yells Endymion's name, a surge of golden light transforms Usagi into Princess Sailor Moon. The Princess declares that she will destroy the planet along with Endymion. Princess Sailor Moon even summons her own special grunts to fight the other Senshi, all bearing moon-shaped signs similar to hers. Ami lead the attack against the grunts. Rei uses Minako's weapon along with hers. Princess Sailor Moon released a wave of total destruction from the power of the Ginzuishou. Endymion appears before her in a desert and she rushes to him, upset because she was unable to keep her promise not to destroy the world. He tells her she can use the Ginzuishou's power to save the world. She agrees, even though it might cost her life. He wonders if this is what they need to do in order to bring an end to the past life. He apologizes for not being able to save her. Endymion slides a ring onto Serenity's finger and kisses her. The Ginzuishou restores the world, including Minako, leaving the Prince and Princess lying lifeless on the sand. Life goes back to normal for the four Guardian Senshi, but they felt something was missing. Princess Sailor Moon appeared to Usagi and told her that as long as her friends remember her, she can live. The Ginzuishou left her life behind, even though it shattered and at last the past has ended. Mamoru tells Usagi to go on and forget about him, but she refuses. Endymion's guardians, the Shitennou's wish also brings Mamoru back. Four years later, after an interference by Queen Mio, Usagi and Mamoru were married.