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The Evil Kilokahn lives inside cyberspace. With the help of Malcom Frink, he creates Megavirus Monsters to attack electronic systems. Meanwhile, a freak accident turns Sam Collins into Servo. His friends eventually join forces with him, in their Samurized attack vehicles. Together they become the Superhuman Samurai Syber-Squad and also trying to live normal lives at school. They work together not only as Superheroes, but as a rock band.

Malcom Frink is the school reject that hates Sam and his friends. He accidently hooks up with Kilokhan. Kilokhan is a rogue program out to conquer the Earth through Cyberspace. Malcom draws Megavirus monsters for Kilokhan to bring to life in Cyberspace. Where they take over and infect various Computer Systems.

Around the same time, Sam Collins is working on a School Project. Due to some weird accident he is sucked into his Computer. Where he transforms into Servo for the first time. He is able to defeat Malcom's first Virus and returns to the real world. Now adorned with a strange device on his wrist.

Soon, Sydney and Tanker learn of Sam's experience. Sydney is a computer genius who learns that Sam's computer has somehow turned into a Super Computer. She is able to discover the Drago helper program. This allows Tanker to help Sam in his second battle.

Soon the eccentric Amp joins their band. During a battle he is impressed into service as Sydney finds three more helper programs. Tracto (for Tanker), Vitor (for Amp), and Borr (for Sydney). They are later able to join with Servo to create a powerful combination (with a separate combination for the three of them also). Drago is piloted by both Tanker and Sydney, mostly.

Just as his superhero career begins, Sam also begins a relationship with Jennifer. The two become a couple very fast. Much to Malcom's jealousy. The gang is also friends with Loli, who is the principal's daughter. The lunch lady (Mrs. Starky) often gives the teens moral advice. The teens know Malcom is a little strange, but never suspect him as Kilokhan's accomplish.

Kilokhan hates humans and often refers to them as "Meat things". He also seems to have a disdain for Malcom, as the two constantly bicker. And seem to only be together by convenience. In one episode Kilokhan takes over Malcom's body for a day. And finds living in the real world difficult and annoying.

Sydney and Tanker quickly become an item. Sydney often times lets her intelligence get the best of her and is a perfectionist. Tanker is able to support her and make her realize she is special. Syd makes a program that Kilohkan corrupts into a virus. When Syd becomes frustrated with her failed mistake, Tanker convinces her to let go of her mistake. This gives her the strength to help Sam destroy the program.

In one episode, Kilokhan grows to massive power and turns against Malcom. Sam learns of Malcom's involvement the whole time. But the two end up working together and actually become friends. When Syber Squad's brain's our fried Malcom assists Sam from his new friend's computer. Jennifer is also present and learns of Sam's identity. Sam is able to defeat Kilokhan but is unable to return to his body. However, things are quickly remedied. As Syber Squad wakes up and Sam returns to his body. However, no one has any memory of the battle, including Malcom and Jennifer. Malcom returns home and finds his own computer fried. When he restore's his back up, the old Kilokhan is restored.

Amp often provides much comedic relief. As he constantly demonstrates very erratic (and mostly comedic) behavior. Often times causing his friends to refer to him as a "Space Cadet". Amp eventually disappears and apparently ends up really being an alien. As his family returns to their home planet off screen.

Lucky replaces Amp in the band, and becomes the new pilot for Vitor. He is a bit less Zany then Amp. But is a very laid back surfer. He seems to fit in with the team rather quickly.

In one of the final episodes, the team is on a camping trip without Sam. When Malcom's latest virus attacks, Tanker is forced to become Servo to save the day. The series finishes without a true ending.