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Ryan Steele had been in a ten year search for his father, whom mysteriously went missing when Ryan was just a little boy. His father, Tyler Steele, a brilliant scientist was experimenting with another reality parallel to our known known as the Virtual World. Unfortunately, he found conflict with Grimlord, the evil master of Virtual Reality, who has been planning to conquer our reality. Professor Hart, who Tyler worked with to develop new technology to create a perfect combination of man and machine, contacted Ryan and his two childhood friends J.B and Kaitlin to his secret lab. He gave them the Virtualizers, which gave them the ability to transform and don armor which gave them the power to face Grimlord's horde. Together, the three friends and residents of the Cross World city work together as the VR Troopers. Grimlord lords over dozens of mutants and metal robots, that he summons into the real world to destroy the VR Troopers. Whilst, what Grimlord encountered from the young warriors kept him from reaching his goal. Ryan, J.B., and Kaitlin practice their martial arts skills in Tao Dojo, which belongs to their longtime friend Tao, a wise old sage. Ryan's dog Jeb was also effected by the lab and gained the ability to talk.

Ryan was more than determined to reunite himself with his father. To his surprise Dark Heart, one of the Grimlord's warriors, had human DNA and discovered he was his father. After Dark Heart lost to Ryan in a fight, he ordered him to destroyed him but Ryan refused. Dark Heart was sent for termination by the other mutants. By running away, he is seriously damaged and Ryan brought him to the lab to discover he is indeed Ryan's father. Ryan gives his father his memories back but Dark Heart is determined to defeat Grimlord because he felt it is his responsibility. He fought alongside Ryan but is defeated in battle and taken to Grimlord. He is then rescued by Ryan and taken to a secret lab in the mountains to be repaired. Dark Heart and Ryan survive the lab being destroyed by Air Striker. Together, they infiltrate Grimlord's dungeon and fall into a trap. Grimlord planned to replaced the oxygen with poison. They managed to escape but Dark Heart was severely hurt by one of Grimlord's goons. He became human again but was taken by Grimlord. Ryan fought for video message of Tyler trying to escape Grimlord's facility, giving proof to Ryan that his father was still alive.

Later through their journey, Grimlord conducted a knowledge transfer with the Prism of Empowerment to extract secret information from Tyler Steele's mind. He sent a message of distress that let Ryan know he was imprisoned. Jeb entered Grimlord's portal to his castle without Ryan knowing. He intended to deactivate the DNA censor but ended up being caught and imprisoned along with Tyler. Ryan eventually arrived to the prison cell but Grimlord's goons had already moved his father. Grimlord self-destructed his own castle to make room for the new. Ryan and Jeb survived the blast. The Troopers then tracked Tyler down to a cave but J.B. and Kaitlin were captured as well. Ryan saved his friends and father but he lost his powers, disobeying Professor Hart's advice. The knowledge transfer completely exhausted Tyler. With the help of his old friend Tao, he was healed. Then, Ryan, J.B. and Tyler created new armor and arsenal for Ryan. The new powers were just enough to take down Girmlord's new forces, developed with the knowledge stolen from Ryan's father.