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Episode Guide

Superhuman Samurai VR Troopers S1
VR Troopers S2
Masked Rider
Juukou B-Fighter
Big Bad Beetleborgs
B-Fighter Kabuto
Beetleborgs Metallix
Mystic Knights
Kamen Rider Ryuki
Sailor Moon
Drgaon Knights

    1: "The Second Generation are High School warriors!?"
    2: "The Invitation of the Trilobite After School"
    3: "Awaken!! Neo Machines"
    4: "Vow!! Heated Stag Beetle"
    5: "A Great Reversal to the You that Departed"
    6: "A Great Wild Battle at the Cherry Blossom Festival!!"
    7: "The Iron Fist of Anger Presented by a Friend"
    8: "Kabuto Finally Leaves School!?"
    9: "Becoming a Pupil of the Storytelling Monster!!"
    10: "Showdown with the Martial Arts Master"
    11: "The Echoing Tears of the Sea"
    12: "Mysterious!? The Fossil's Fantastic Maze"
    13: "Change! The Explosive Dashing Professor"
    14: "The Cry that Destroyed the Trapped Town"
    15: "Infiltrate the Hospital Ward of Terror"
    16: "Save the School Anniversary's Idols"
    17: "The Fighting Love-Foretelling Diary!!"
    18: "The 20-Million Year Revenge of the Exterminated Flower"
    19: "Is the Mysterious Girl a Mermaid Princess?!"
    20: "The Hunt for the Kappa for 3000 Ri!! (a "ri" is a unit of length about 3.9 km)"
    21: "Call the Rain, Heroic Crybaby"
    22: "The Flaming Mistress' Roaring Shamisen"
    23: "Run to the Wilderness of Pride!!"
    24: "Summer Vacation!! The Haunted Classroom"
    25: "The Return of The First Generation"
    26: "Nightmare!! B-Fighter vs B-Fighter"
    27: "The Certain Death of the 6 Great Warriors"
    28: "Enter!! The Insect Warrior of the Wind"
    29: "The Violent Centipede General"
    30: "Shine Genji, the Power of the Earth"
    31: "The Combined Ultimate Gun and the Sad Warrior"
    32: "Echo, Beautiful Butterfly's Melody"
    33: "Grab it!! The Divine Sword of Legends"
    34: "Control!! The B-Fighters' Day of Defeat"
    35: "Rip Through the Darkness, The Revived Giant God"
    36: "Kirezu!! Counterattack of the Melzard Rivals"
    37: "Defeat The Invincible New Monster"
    38: "The Giant Stag Beetle of Nightmare"
    39: "Merciless!! The B-Fighter Are Melting"
    40: "Break Through the Maze of Love"
    41: "The No-Rules Peak Battle"
    42: "Kabuto's Trip To The Moon World"
    43: "The Girl of Darkness, The B-Fighter Hunter"
    44: "The Devil Girl Arrives..."
    45: "B-Fighter!! A Challenge in History"
    46: "Super Heavy Shell Strike!"
    47: "The Father of the B-Fighters, Guru Dies!!"
    48: "The Beetle Base's Great Explosion!!"
    49: "The Sunrise of The Earth's Downfall"
    50: "The Final Battle"