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Episode Guide

Superhuman Samurai VR Troopers S1
VR Troopers S2
Masked Rider
Juukou B-Fighter
Big Bad Beetleborgs
B-Fighter Kabuto
Beetleborgs Metallix
Mystic Knights
Kamen Rider Ryuki
Sailor Moon
Drgaon Knights

    1: "Insect Warriors!!"
    2: "The Dancing Human Hunt!!"
    3: "They Appeared - The Insect Mecha!!"
    4: "Super Machine Great Riot"
    5: "Heavyshell-Jack!!"
    6: "Listen to the Forest's Cry"
    7: "The Mysterious Violent Photographer!!"
    8: "Please!! Evil Jewel"
    9: "The Tabby-cat Recovery Operation"
    10: "A Violent Fight!! The Dragon Swordsman"
    11: "The Great Reckless Run of the Angry Robo"
    12: "Stealing Motivation!!"
    13: "Heavyshell Base Endangered!"
    14: "The Deadly Maze of Heaven"
    15: "The Idol who Flew"
    16: "The Flaming Super-dimensional Girl"
    17: "Death Fight!! The Combined Monster"
    18: "The Great Leader Dies!!"
    19: "Birth of the New Warrior of Darkness"
    20: "Crash!! The Black Terror"
    21: "Atrocious Insect Tag"
    22: "First Experience as a Heroine"
    23: "A Bouquet for a Monster..."
    24: "Enter the Giant Beetle"
    25: "The Beautiful Runaway!!"
    26: "Crabs and Swimsuits and Dad"
    27: "Revive the Bad-Haircutting Soul"
    28: "The Pure-hearted Ghost of Summer"
    29: "Great Crash of the Rivals"
    30: "The 13 Monsters Great Combat Meet"
    31: "A Dangerous Young Lady"
    32: "Loving Pickles!!"
    33: "The Delinquent Girl of Justice"
    34: "A Scaaary Pet"
    35: "Thank you, Kabuto-kun"
    36: "Behold - the Heavyshell Super Evolution"
    37: "Don't Swindle us, Bodyguard"
    38: "Professor!! The Heavyshell of Love"
    39: "The B-Fighter Boy's adventure"
    30: "A New Chapter - the Butterfly of Life"
    41: "My Older Brother is Buff"
    42: "The Spiteful Bear's B-Fighter Hunt"
    43: "I Saw It!! Black's Unadorned Face"
    44: "The Butterfly of Life Appears!!"
    45: "A Christmas Eve Memory"
    46: "Despair!! Heavyshell Impossible"
    47: "Revival to Victory!!"
    48: "The Immortal Combination Rushing Head"
    49: "The Spider Woman's Unfeeling Flame"
    50: "Rush!! Final Battle in the Fortress"
    51: "The Period of Light and Shadow"
    52: "Assemble!! The 3 Great Heroes"
    53: "Flap Your Wings!! Heroes"
    Movie: "Heavyshell B-Fighter"