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    1A. Pilot, Cybertron

      Karate champion Adam Steel discovers his missing father's legacy, and becomes the ultimate blending of man and machine, named Cybertron. It's up to him to stop the evil Grimlord and his Wardrones from destroying the world.

    1. The Battle Begins Part I (9/3/94)
    2. The Battle Begins Part I (9/10/94)

      Cross World City is undergoing continual urban growth, thanks to the mechanizations of billionaire industrialist Karl Ziktor. Little does anyone realize, that he's actually a monarch from Virtual Reality named Grimlord, bent on invading our dimension and controlling the world. Luckily, Professor Hart, partner of Ryan's long-missing father, recruits Ryan and his friends to become VR Troopers, with the power to keep Grimlord's forces from breaching the reality barrier. Ryan doesn't get much time to rest following his injury and defeat at the hands of Decimator. Grimlord's forces makes their move across the reality barrier, forcing the team to take action immediately. VR Ryan takes command of the VR Skybase and Battlecruiser to fight attacks from sky and ground. VR JB & Kaitlin sabotage Grimlord's military base, and are forced to flee for their lives before the place explodes.

    3. Error in the System (9/14/94)

      A computer virus suddenly infects every computer in Cross World City, including the VR Troopers' lab. JB manages to reconnect with Professor Hart, although his attitude has changed abruptly to his complete opposite. They don't know that Grimlord is behind the virus, all in a scheme to learn the lab's secrets. Can the team regain their Professor, and defeat the transforming Metaborg, in time?

    4. Lost Memories (9/15/94)

      Karl Ziktor's ruthless eviction of a woman from her home distresses her emotional state, causing her to develop amnesia. When the woman wanders into Tao's Dojo and the Troopers help her recover her memory, Grimlord worries his secret identity will be discovered. His efforts to silence the woman leads to Ryan suffering an injury that leaves him stricken with amnesia as well. Can Jeb jog his master's memory, while JB fights Laserbot and Kaitlin combats General Ivar's assault fleet?

    5. Battle for the Books (9/16/94)

      Grimlord schemes to destroy all libraries on Earth to take control over all knowledge concerning solar energy. He sends Skugs target JB Reese's father, who runs a bookmobile to try and assist JB with a larger college fund. JB is precipitating in the Doubles Cup Karate Tournament with Ryan. When the bookmobile is damaged, will JB give up his winnings? Not that he's guaranteed to win, since the virtual warrior known as Eliminator strikes just in time to distract him.

    6. Oh Brother (9/19/94)

      Tao Dojo's best junior competitors, Scott and Josh Turner, are bickering brothers and they give their trainers, Ryan & JB, considerable headaches in trying to get them ready for the championship. Grimlord is inspired and summons the Swordbot Brothers, Slice & Dice. While Kaitlin investigates a sighting of Skugs at the industrial plant, the boys tag along, and end up being captured. Can Ryan take down Slice & Dice, while JB & Kaitlin brave Grimlord's forces in an effort to cease their filtering of the city's power supply for evil purposes? Will the brothers ever ease their tension with each other? And will Jeb learn it's best to follow his nose?

    7. Grimlord's Challenge (9/20/94)

      The Trooper Teens accept a challenge from Policewoman Johnson, which is convert Randy Worthington from a juvenile delinquent to a disciplined karate champion in two weeks and win $1000 from the Police Association for Tao Dojo to help other street kids. Grimlord issues his own challenge in response, for Ryan face his best warrior, Hammerbot, one on one, winner take all. But when our heroes learn that Spiderbot and the air patrol was to ambush him, the VR Troopers come together to even the odds. Can they defeat the evil armada, and also manage to keep Randy from ending up in reform school?

    8. Computer Captive (9/21/94)

      While helping to upgrade the graphics software at the Underground Voice Daily, JB is drawn into Grimlord's Dungeon directly by the latest invention of Colonel Icebot. With JB's VR powers being siphoned into the evil drones, time is running out and it is up to Ryan to rescue his best friend from the hostage situation. Even if he can get both of them out alive, he'll have the menacing Slashbot to deal with.

    9. Kaitlin's Little Helper (9/22/94)

      Betsy Scott, Kaitlin's little cousin aids her in a wildlife project for her school newspaper during her visit. As they take pictures at the park, Betsy notices a strange green slime. It is revealed to be a chemical created by Colonel Icebot that eats away at plant-life. Karl Ziktor wants to do away with the park to make more room for his power plant. The Trooper Teens investigate, forcing Grimlord to have Betsy captured to try to slow them down from interfering. To save Kaitlin's cousin, she and JB will have to duel with the brutal Gunslinger, while Ryan engages General Ivar in an aerial dogfight.

    10. The Virtual Spy (9/23/94)

      Deciding to destroy the VR Troopers from within, Grimlord unleashes Graybot, who disguises himself as teen Jeremy Gibson. He quickly befriends the Troopers' civilian life, getting a job at the UV Daily, though proving to be a little too perfect when it comes to karate at the Tao Dojo. Unable to see through his facade in time, Jeremy manages to hack into the VR Lab, trap Kaitlin & JB inside, and activate the self-destruct! Can VR Ryan defeat Graybot, when he once called the villain a friend?

    11. Virtual V-6 (9/24/94)

      An eccentric young inventor, Ulysses T. Poindexter, comes to the Underground Voice Daily, with the blueprints to his greatest invention: an engine that runs on plant extracts. Kaitlin agrees to write a story about it, to ensure it gets produced, but first, her teammates build one in virtual reality to prove the inventor's claims. Grimlord, knowing that such a pollution-free engine could cost his identity as Karl Ziktor, he wants all evidence of it destroyed. When the engine is built into VR JB's Fighterbike, a bus full of children is hijacked by Skugs, forcing JB into a trap at the hands of the villainous Drillbot, to dismantle the bike. Can the team pull together and score one for the environment?

    12. No One's Friend (9/27/94)

      While Tao Dojo gives free self-defense lessons, Grimlord sends in a Skug disguised as a human to utilize the situation and get close enough infect both JB & Kaitlin with a viral spell. Now suddenly angry at Ryan, the pair join forces with Grimlord's army to destroy him. Can VR Ryan manage to take down Polarbot, and thus break the spell, while JB & Kaitlin blast at him from above in the VR Skybase? Also, Woody is forced to hire the Mayor's geeky and bumbling nephew, Percy. Will the U.V. Daily ever be the same?

    13. Dogmatic Change (9/28/94)

      Kaitlin's covering of a story for the UV Daily about Animal Shelter pets inspires Grimlord to have Colonel Icebot devise a potion that will change animals into vicious virtual mutants. To test it out, Kaitlin is tricked into getting Jeb to star in a commercial for Doggy Delicious dog food. Upon consuming the potion during the shoot, Jeb begins to change into a mutant beast. While Kaitlin & JB try to shut down the factory where the potion is being made, can Ryan without hurting him stop his best four-legged friend now that is bent on creating an animal rebellion? Will Jeb ever be able to return to his old, abnormal self?

    14. Searching for Tyler Steele (9/30/94)

      A relaxing excursion into the woods revives old wounds for Ryan, when he and his friends spot a man who resembles his long-lost father being held prisoner in an abandoned building. Attempts to gain answers are blocked by Grimlord's goons, who are protecting both the location, which happens to be his reactor parts facility, and the transference of the mysterious prisoner to the Virtual World. The question isn't just "Is this man really Tyler Steele?", but also, can our heroes save him while keeping the reality barrier from being blasted apart?

    15. Save the Trees (10/3/94)

      Karl Ziktor is planning to demolish the Old Growth Forest, and thanks to the weak-willed Mayor. Grimlord wants the forest removed to clear an area where the reality barrier is weakest, allowing his virtual troops to march through. The forest happens to have been Tyler Steele's favorite forest, so the Troopers want to save it, leading to Ryan facing the deforestator Chain-bot, Kaitlin a load of Skugs, and JB against an especially angry General Ivar. Will what's currently eating Jeb somehow be able to save the trees?

    16. A Dirty Trick (10/4/94)

      It's Tao Dojo's tenth anniversary, and a celebration is being held in honor of Tao. The entertainment, a magician named Lex the Magnificent, wows the crowd, but manages to swipe the Virtualizers of his audience member assistants, JB & Kaitlin! The Troopers attempt to recover them from the malicious magician, only to discover he is Magician Robot in disguise. Can Ryan defeat him on his own, or will it require some virtual slight of hand?

    17. Kaitlin's Front Page (10/5/94)

      After receiving inside information from a shadowy mole, Kaitlin eagerly investigates the location of a secret weapons plant. Unfortunately, her mole was a Skug, and it was all a set-up to get her captured. Once her teammates try to rescue her, they're ambushed by a pair of villains: Ryan fights the punch-happy Metalbot, and JB battles the slithery Cobrot. Will they survive long enough to save Kaitlin from the bomb she's strapped to? And if she survives that, will she successfully land the story?

    18. The Dognapping (10/7/94)

      Jeb gets dognapped by a band of Skugs and is held captive by Grimlord in an attempt to learn the secrets of the VR Troopers, Jeb is used as bait to lure the team into a trap. Unfortunately for Grimlord, Jeb has a general lack of knowledge. Can Kaitlin rescue the wise-mouthed pooch while Ryan tangles with both Crabor and the kamikaze Torpedobot, while JB takes on Frogbot?

    19. My Dog's Girlfriend (10/10/94)

      Jeb falls in love with a prized showdog named Princess. Despite the fact that her puppies, and her owner Timmy, approve of him; Timmy's mother doesn't. Grimlord has Skugs capture the puppies and use them as bait to lure the VR Troopers into a trap. Can Ryan defeat the Trooper Terminator, the aptly named newest creation of Colonel Icebot, while also facing so many additional virtual warriors that even JB & Kaitlin are overwhelmed? And will Jeb and Princess ever be able to continue their romance in peace?

    20. Digging for Fire (10/11/94)

      While searching for the perfect gift for Tao's birthday, the Troopers end up at the epicenter of an unexpected Earthquake, which is uncommon in their city. Investigating the nearby building leads them to discover Grimlord has General Ivar and his forces digging a tunnel to the Earth's core, in order to harness its power while also destroying the city. Can Ryan knock out Fistbot, while JB & Kaitlin take care of the tunnel project?

    21. The Great Brain Robbery (10/12/94)

      The brain of Commander Donaldson, the greatest military strategist in history, has been preserved for scientific study. But Grimlord has it stolen, with the intent to use the brain's knowledge to formulate a plan to take over our reality. The brain talks General Ivar into staging a mutiny and strikes out on his own. Using the brain's grand scheme and the Snowbot monster, he begins to have all electricity lines frozen to cripple the command posts of the Earth's military. JB & Kaitlin will have to a stop to Snowbot, while Ryan tries to recover the evil brain.

    22. The Dojo Plot (10/14/94)

      Tao Dojo is being shut down, and the only person happy about it happens to be Grimlord. As Karl Ziktor, he has designs to demolish the building and use its location to house a device capable of controlling the world's weather, messing with the climate until humanity is easily overtaken by his forces. In an effort to save Tao's business, a fundraiser is held at the Underground Voice Daily, but can it help? It'll take financial aid from an unlikely source to save the day. Meanwhile, it's up to JB & Kaitlin to deal with destroying the weather control device, while Ryan combats the deadly Cannonbot!

    23. Grimlord's Greatest Hits (10/19/94)

      To ensure that Brandon, an underprivileged but highly talented saxophone player and karate student, can go to a top-notched music academy, the Trooper Teens put on a dance-a-thon fundraiser at Tao Dojo. Grimlord is inspired by the power of music, and has Col. Icebot create the "Grimlord's Greatest Hits" CD, which causes those listening to it to become mindless zombies. JB and Brandon manage to avoid hearing the CD, but Brandon ends up captured and used as bait. Can JB stop the evil Diskbot and put an end to the production of Grimlord's evil CDs?

    24. The Disappearance (10/25/94)

      While the Trooper teens learn a lesson in the art of stealth by Tao, Grimlord has Colonel Icebot invent a device that can render anything invisible. The perfect test subject is determined to be Jeb. While Professor Hart works on trying to get the talking dog visible again, the team worries about the dire threat that an invisible virtual army could pose. Ryan clashes with both Spitbot and slimy Toxoid, while JB & Kaitlin deal with another air assault and Skugs.

    25. Nightmares (10/31/1994)

      Thanks to working nights at the UV Daily, Kaitlin's sleep schedule begins to be affected. This provides the perfect opportunity for Grimlord to have Colonel Icebot unleash the Dream Master, a robot capable of manipulating nightmares. Kaitlin's nightmares, of being taken by surprise by Skugs in disguise, start to occur even when she's awake. Shaken to the core and prepared to quit being a Trooper, can Professor Hart provide the means to restore her confidence? Meanwhile, Ryan must put a stop to Dream Master, while JB takes on the prickly Spikebot.

    26. Secret Admirer (11/3/94)

      Kaitlin begins to receive flowers from a supposed secret admirer. Unbeknownst to her, they're actually from Grimlord and the final bouquet includes the dreaded Flower of Evil, which makes her ill after she sniffs them and it causes her to enter itno virtual reality. As prisoner of Colonel Icebot, she continues to deteriorate. Ryan must face an enhanced Toxoid to track down the Flower of Evil to make an antidote. Even if he manages that, can JB infiltrate the prison to save Kaitlin, when it's heavily guarded by General Ivar, his Skugs, and the strange Pollenbot?

    27. Grimlord's House of Fear (11/4/94)

      A young, aspiring photographer named Manuel Ortega believes a house in his suburban neighborhood is haunted! He gets a photograph of what he believes to be a ghost to Kaitlin to be published in the Underground Voice Daily. As she and her Trooper teammates discover, the home is actually the nexus point of Colonel Icebot's latest experiment. By creating the Vacbot in the house via a cyber-beam, it will be able to open the reality barrier from our side, allowing Grimlord's forces unrestricted access! Can VR JB clog up Vacbot, while VR Kaitlin goes tank to tank with General Ivar, and VR Ryan targets Icebot's Air Castle?

    28. Three Strikes (11/7/94)

      A benefit little league game is being played to pay for the lease of the Cross World City baseball field. JB coaches one of the teams, which happens to have a star hitter, Shawn Matsumoto. Karl Ziktor wants the field to build another power plant and he sends a rebuilt Metalbot to capture the boy to ensure the game loses its biggest draw. Can Ryan send Metalbot back to the scrap heap and rescue Shawn at the same time?

    29. Danger in the Deep (11/8/94)

      A fun day in the sun at Cross World Lake leads to the under-covering of a deadly mystery. Kaitlin notices suspicious characters converging around the city dam. The Troopers then learn of Grimlord's scheme to blow up the dam and to replace it with a bigger one, and harness the energy. This will all be at the cost of flooding the city! Can Ryan disarm the bomb to save the dam, while JB & Kaitlin deal with the upper-armed and dangerous Shoulderbot?

    30. Small But Mighty (11/9/94)

      Thanks to the invention of Skug assistant Strickland, Grimlord is able to turn the VR Troopers back into ten year olds! Despite the hope they'll be easily defeated as this younger age, the team proves to be just as resourceful and powerful as they were before. Unfortunately, they can only transform into VR Troopers for a mere 15 minutes! Can VR JB & Kaitlin stop Crainoid, while VR Ryan deals with General Ivar, all in this time limit? Can Professor Hart find a way to restore their age, or will our heroes be forever young?

    31. Defending Dark Heart Part 1 (11/14/94)

      While cross-training, the Troopers stumble upon a large group of Grimlord's virtual army undergoing a competition. A scan of the crowd determines that one of the mutants is actually a human, the only human they know to be trapped in virtual reality is his father, so this leads him to believe it is him. Dark Heart, the source of this human DNA, proves himself most worthy of Grimlord's forces, and is sent on a mission to destroy Ryan. Can Ryan stand a chance against an enemy he's afraid to harm, but has no restraint in return? And, will Percy's search for a news scoop land him, and JB & Kaitlin, in virtual hot water?

    32. Defending Dark Heart Part 2 (11/15/94)

      Trapped in a deadly trap in virtual reality, JB & Kaitlin must think fast to save themselves without exposing their secret identities as VR Troopers to fellow captive Percy. Meanwhile, while being prepared for termination, Dark Heart rebels against Grimlord's forces and flees. Ryan must save him to learn the truth about his father, Tyler Steele. But will it lead to a joyous reunion or will it put the Troopers into even more danger?

    33. Defending Dark Heart Part 3 (11/16/94)

      The team works overtime trying to find a way to de-virtualize Dark Heart and restore Tyler Steele back to normal. But the link they discover between him and Grimlord will make things even tougher for the Troopers. Soon, Dark Heart is captured and used as bait to lure VR Ryan to his ultimate doom, and his teammates to an equally dreadful one. Meanwhile, Percy buys a "reality break detector".

    34. Defending Dark Heart Part 4 (11/17/94)

      As JB & Kaitlin attempt to restore the VR Lab and get Professor Hart back online, Ryan aids Dark Heart in repairs. Grimlord's forces launch continued assaults on the pair, but their renewed vigor leads them to make a desperate ploy by leading the fight directly towards Grimlord. Can Ryan's father be returned to normal, and the team reunited safely? Even if they survive facing Grimlord, they'll still have to get out of the vapor-filled Dungeon.

    35. Ghost Biker (11/18/94)

      There is a local legend about a Ghost Biker haunting a patch of road. Kaitlin and JB investigate upon this. It turns out the location is a point where the reality barrier has weakened, attracting the attention of Grimlord's forces. The Ghost Biker mysteriously appears, and kidnaps JB & Kaitlin, leaving Ryan to not only try to find them, but fight alone against Renegade, who's armed with a Virtual Vaporizer! Just whose side is the Ghost Biker on anyway?

    36. Endangered Species (11/21/94)

      Karl Ziktor has plans to take over Cross World Animal Sanctuary, and turn it into an oil refinery. Danielle Mason, daughter of the head researcher at the sanctuary, contacts her old friend Kaitlin, and gets the Troopers involved in trying to save the place. Grimlord sets about to ensure the deal closes, and dispatches his virtual forces to capture the sanctuary's most valuable animals, the last two Furry Wombats in existence. But can Ryan put a stop to Horrobot and save the endangered species, while the others hold back General Ivar's army?

    37. Field Goal (11/22/94)

      Grimlord's forces plan to utilize the High School football field as the site of their next massive reality break. Skugs are disguised as landscapers and are soon stumbled upon by Coach Williams, whom they capture in the form of a trading card. With the pre-season scrimmage coming up, the Cross World Crusaders are in need of a coach, so the Trooper teens, and Tao, step up to help. Will Ryan's disarming battle with Zelton provide the key to discovering Grimlord's scheme? Or will it just lead the others into a game they can't win against the deadly Footbot?

    38. The Littlest Trooper (11/23/94)

      Grimlord has his Skugs leave a baby boy on the steps of Tao Dojo to keep the Troopers distracted, in order to create enough explosives to wipe out the reality barrier. The baby's parents are held captive in the factory and the team work together to take care of the child, nicknamed Baby Boo. As soon as the Troopers are aware of the plot, Percy gets captured in the process. Can JB & Kaitlin take down the bomb factory's guardian, Colonel Icebot and save the hostages before Ryan blows it up?

    39. The Reality Virus (11/29/94)

      Unknowingly infected during a battle with General Ivar's air fleet, the VR Troopers bring back Colonel Icebot's Reality Virus when they return to Cross World City. Slowly, a green ooze begins to break down the reality barrier, wrecking havoc on the weather and giving Grimlord's forces an easy way in. The only antidote lies within one of Tao's herbal plants, but when that is stolen by Skugs, can Ryan defeat Crabor again to recover another?

    40. Friends in Need (11/30/94)

      The circus comes to town, and with it, Leah & Mikail, two scientists from the fictional country of Capernistan. They've worked in the past with Ryan's father on a fuel-increasing formula, and seek the Trooper teens to gain assistance from Professor Hart in completing it. Grimlord has become aware of their plans, and wants Karl Ziktor to control the world's fuel supply. So the Skugs capture the pair. Can JB take down both Terminoid and General Ivar, while Kaitlin rescues Mikail and Leah? Will Horrorbot bury Ryan in a sand-trap cage?

    41. Good Trooper, Bad Trooper (2/6/95)

      Thanks to a molecular sampling device created by Tyler Steele, and a lock of Ryan's hair obtained during a Skug battle, Grimlord gets his very own evil clone of Ryan Steele. The evil Ryan soon manages to swipe the real Ryan's Virtualizer and takes command of the Skybase. Can JB & Kaitlin take out the duo of the super-strong Samson and jolting Electrobot, while being bombarded by Evil Ryan? Or does Professor Hart have something which can even the score between the two Ryans?

    42. The Transmutant (2/7/95)

      JB isolates himself in the park while studying to win a scholarship and is assaulted by Skugs and Strickland's latest invention, the Metamorphosis Pulse, is used on him. Slowly, JB transforms into a virtual mutant, becoming the green-skinned beast called Transmutant. He joins Grimlord's army and easily proves to be his most fearsome warrior. Can Ryan battle the Transmutant without harming him, and somehow reach his human within? Can Kaitlin and Prof. Hart find a way to reverse the spell?

    43. Who's King of the Mountain? (2/8/95)

      While aiding an e-mail pen-pal from Chili in a research project, JB begins investigating strange seismic occurrences at the local dormant volcano, Mount Kronos. Little does anyone realize, that the anomalies are due to Grimlord's General Ivar establishing an outpost on top of it. Can JB & Kaitlin put a stop to the Rollbot and knock out the outpost, while Ryan strikes back against the Swordbot, Slice?

    44. The Couch Potato Kid (2/9/95)

      Tao's nephew Ricky is sent for a visit, in the hopes that he can get the TV and video game addicted child into physical activity. The Trooper teens are working on an obstacle course, and decide to involve Ricky in the construction of it. It also serves as inspiration for Grimlord's forces, who create their own obstacle course, with a race run between factions to decide who gets to go after the Troopers next. But Combax bucks the whole game and kidnaps Ricky, forcing Ryan into an ambush at the virtual villains' obstacle course!

    45. The Old Switcharoo (2/10/95)

      As the Underground Voice Daily celebrates its 5th anniversary, Kaitlin is sent to do a story on a new scientific invention by Doctor Unger. This Matter Transference Device, can switch properties of two different items, is intended for good use, until Grimlord stole in an effort to steal Ryan's VR powers for himself. But a mix-up during the transference causes Ryan and Jeb to switch minds instead! Can the others recover the device from the hefty Mechanoid? Will Jeb in Ryan's body stop stuffing his face with food and chasing squirrels long enough to go VR and take on Decimator?

    46. Race to the Rescue (2/13/95)

      Witnessing a young boy being bullied at a racetrack, the Troopers decide to help fix his defective go-cart in time for the Pee Wee Grand Prix. Meanwhile, Grimlord has the combined powers of all his greatest mutants loaded into Zelton. JB & Kaitlin head off to search for Baranium crystals for an experiment of Prof Hart's. While inside an old mine, Grimlord's army opens fire, causing a cave-in to keep them out of the way. With air running low in the mine for the two Troopers trapped within, Ryan must defeat the amalgamated Zelton!

    47. Fiddler on the Loose (2/14/95)

      Keith, Kaitlin's fiddle-playing Irish cousin comes to town with his band the Young Dubliners to play a benefit concert to raise awareness of toxic waste. Since Karl Ziktor is responsible for much of that illegal dumping, Grimlord captures Keith and traps him within a music synthesizer, implanted inside the Fiddlebot mutant. With JB & Kaitlin busy with Skugs, can Ryan overcome the powerful effects Fiddlebot's music in order to rescue Keith?

    48. Virtually Powerless (2/15/95)

      The Trooper teens find a fun time at an arcade turn into their worst nightmare when they play "Dark Odyssey". It's secretly a trap set by Grimlord, which zaps their Virtualizers, rendering them powerless. The only hope of repairing them lies with the brilliant, yet clumsy inventor, Dr. Ulysses T. Poindexter. The Troopers must reveal their secret identities to him, but in doing so, he becomes targeted by Grimlord to learn the secrets of the Virtualizers. Can Ryan, whose powers aren't at full yet, cut Dice down to size, while JB and Kaitlin take on Skugs to rescue Poindexter?

    49. New Kids on the Planet (2/20/95)

      On a camping trip, the Trooper teens encounter a pair of young children from outer space. Niklot and Eoj are heading from their doomed planet of Sasnak to its asteroid colony, but their solar convertor has broken down. The Troopers bring it to Professor Hart to have it fixed, and while waiting, the two aliens are given a tour of humanity. Grimlord learns of their arrival, and wanting their powers for himself, has the pair kidnapped. Can Ryan defeat Blue Boar, and Kaitlin destroy multiple Skugs, while JB rescues the aliens?

    50. Message from Space (2/22/95)

      Dr. Monroe, head of the National Space Laboratory, and old friend of Professor Hart, has intercepted a recent transmission from one of the agency's satellites which appears to show Tyler Steele. Monroe comes to Cross World City with the footage, but upon his arrival, he is kidnapped by Skugs. Can the team find Dr Monroe, amid numerous booby-traps, or will Ryan find the pointed end of Skullbot's sharp blade-arm instead?

    51. The Rise of the Red Python Part 1 (2/27/95)

      Grimlord creates his own VR Trooper but realizes that he's missing a human that could inhabit the armor, and promptly sets his sights on Kaitlin's friend Amy. He putsAmy under his evil spell. Kaitlin is injured, and a vengeful Ryan sets out to make the Python pay for what she has done unaware of her civilian identity.

    52. The Rise of the Red Python Part 2 (2/27/95)

      Ryan and J.B. desperately search for a way to help Kaitlin return to human form. J.B. is sent to fight the Red Python and she malfunctions in the middle of battle. Poindexter uses a retroformer on Kaitlin, bringing her back to normal. Meanwhile, Amy passes out in the dojo. She transforms into the Red Python and is sent to destroy the Troopers. At the lab, Amy's identity is discovered and is in danger of self-destructing if engaged in another battle. J.B. tries to reason with her and collapses and changes back into Amy. She's taken to the lab where the Professor is able to reverse the brainwashing. She is grateful to the V.R. Troopers and her new friends, unaware that they are one and the same.