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    101: Search for the Dragon

      Turning eighteen should be cool, but not for Kit Taylor. His dad has been missing for a year, he’s being kicked out of his foster home, and he keeps getting busted for things he didn’t do. Then life get truly strange.

      Kit’s dad appears in a mirror and tells him to “Look for the dragon.” Kit thinks its just a dream, but when he returns to his dad’s old apartment, he finds a weird deck of cards, the Advent Deck, and when he picks them up, he’s immediately attacked by a dragon that bursts from a mirror. Suddenly he’s seeing monsters in every mirror and window, and worse, they’re kidnapping people and nobody else seems to notice. When he sees attractive reporter Maya Young chased by monsters, he races to her rescue, only to be pushed aside by a mysterious hero who defeats the monsters then demands that Kit give him the Advent Deck.

      As he tries to get away, Kit falls through a mirror into another world and finds himself wearing a strange suit of armor. Before he can adjust, he’s attacked again, this time by a giant spider! The mysterious hero - now also in armor - comes to his rescue, but before Kit can ask him what’s going on, the dragon returns, breathing fire. Kit runs, confused and afraid, as fireballs explode all around him. What is happening? Where is he? Why is the dragon after him? Why does the hero want the cards?

    102: Contract With the Dragon

      Kit and the mysterious hero escape the dragon, but get separated. The next day, however, the hero catches Kit, and again demands the Advent Deck. Just then they hear a strange noise - an attack warning - and the hero, Len, must go stop a monster from kidnapping an innocent victim.

      Len tells Kit to stay out of it, but Kit wants to help. His father appears again, telling him to contract with the dragon. Kit takes the contract card from the Advent Deck, and this time, when the dragon attacks, it merges with him, and he becomes Kamen Rider Dragon Knight.

      Kit enters mirror world and saves Len, who has become Kamen Rider Wing Knight, but Wing Knight isn’t grateful. He’s angry at Kit for contracting with the dragon, and leaves without telling him why.

      Returning home, Kit finds Maya waiting for him. She writes for a blog that reports on paranormal events, and thinks his father’s disappearance has something to do with the mirror monsters. She offers to show him evidence, but on the way to the bookstore where she works, Kit hears another attack warning and goes to the rescue as Dragon Knight. Maya watches, amazed as he transforms.

      As Kit fights a monster, another Kamen Rider shows up - Kamen Rider Incisor. Kit asks him for help defeating the monster. Instead Incisor attacks him. Kit is shocked when he sees that Incisor and the monster are working together!

    103: Kamen Rider Incisor

      As Kit fights Incisor and his monster, Len observes, evaluating Kit. Kit fights well, but finally has to retreat, jumping through a window to earth.

      Incisor transforms into Richie Preston and calls Connors, the man who gave him the Advent Deck, complaining that the fight was too hard. Connors reminds Richie that he has lost his inheritance, and the only way he’s going to get his millions back is defeating Kamen Riders.
      Kit returns to Maya’s bookstore and she shows him evidence that the mirror monsters are connected to his father’s disappearance, but then she’s called to help in the store. They make a date to talk again the next day.

      As Kit leaves he sees Incisor in a window. Kit transforms into Dragon Knight and follows him into the mirror world. He asks Incisor why they’re fighting. Incisor says he gets a million dollars for each Kamen Rider he defeats. Wing Knight appears and helps Kit fight Incisor. Incisor runs, saying two against one isn’t fair.

      Kit thanks Wing Knight. Wing Knight tells him he tried to stop him from becoming a Kamen Rider, but now that he’s in it, he’s going to teach him how to fight. Kit says he already knows, but Wing Knight proves him wrong by giving him a hard hitting lesson in Kamen Rider tactics.

    104: A Rider’s Challenge

      After their training session, Len tells Kit that the Kamen Riders were the defenders of Ventara, the world behind the mirrors, and that the Advent Decks were stolen from them and given to people on earth. Len tells Kit the other riders will be coming after him. They hear an attack warning and go fight a monster. Kit does better this time, but Len tells him to go home and study the Advent Cards.

      Meanwhile, Maya helps Michelle Walsh, a rival paranormal reporter, interview the man that Kit and Len saved from the monster earlier. Michelle thinks the man is lying, but Maya has seen a Kamen Rider and knows he’s telling the truth.

      Later, Kit and Len trap Richie, and Len challenges him one on one. Richie and Len fight as Kit watches. Kit is shocked when Len defeats Richie and Richie disintegrates. Kit asks Len what happened, and Len explains that Richie was vented - sent to the Advent Void, trapped forever. Len says that’s why Kit can’t lose any fights. Kit is stunned. He didn’t realize how final the battles were.

      Kit goes home and puts the Advent Deck away. He’s done with Kamen Riders, but then the attack warning comes again, and he can’t resist going out to fight again. As he rides off, a new rider watches him go, then holds out his Advent Deck. It has the sign of the bull on it.

    105: The Power of Two

      Following the attack warning, Kit fights a monster while the new rider, Torque, observes. As Kit leaves, Torque transforms into Drew. Mr. Conners appears and asks Drew when he’s going to make his move. Drew says soon.

      Meanwhile Maya tells her friends Lacey and Trent about the Kamen Riders. Lacey doesn’t believe her. Trent, a geek and conspiracy nut, does.

      In his secret lair, Conners, who is revealed to be Xaviax, an evil alien, tells his plan to Drew. He is collecting human DNA by sending his monsters to kidnap people. Once he has enough samples he’ll be able to teleport everyone on earth to his home planet as slaves.

      Kit enters the bookstore, upset, and explains to Maya about Richie getting vented. Kit doesn’t want to get vented or vent anybody else. He wants out. As they talk, Len arrives, and Kit tells him the same thing. Len explains that now that Kit has contracted with the dragon, there’s no going back. He’s sorry that Kit is a Kamen Rider now, but now that he is, he could use Kit’s help.

      Kit reluctantly agrees, and they go fight some monsters. With teamwork, they defeat them, but as the last one falls, Len sees Xaviax watching from mirror. Len attacks, but Xaviax vanishes. Len explains to Kit that when one of the original Kamen Riders betrayed the others, Xaviax defeated them and kidnapped all the people of Ventara. It was Xaviax who gave the Advent Decks to the Kamen Riders on earth, and he’s planning to take the people of earth like he did the people of Ventara. He asks Kit for help defeating Xaviax. Kit agrees. It’s time to save the world.

      In Xaviax’s lair, Drew says he’s ready to make his move. Xaviax gives him some monsters for back-up and he steps through to earth.

    106: Kamen Rider Torque

      Kit asks Len which Kamen Rider betrayed the others to Xaviax. Len tells him that it was the original Dragon Knight. They hear an attack warning and go to fight.

      When they find the monsters they split up and Kit is attacked by Drew, who has transformed into Kamen Rider Torque. Kit tells him to stop fighting and help him and Wing Knight defeat Xaviax and protect earth.

      Torque detransforms into Drew and tells Kit that he’s got it all wrong. He says Wing Knight is working for Xaviax, and he can prove it. He tells Kit to stay out of sight, then attacks Wing Knight as Torque. He calls Wing Knight a traitor, and begs him to stop working for Xaviax. Before Wing Knight can respond, Xaviax appears in a nearby mirror and tells Wing Knight to vent Torque. It sounds like they’re working together.

      Torque runs off and Xaviax disappears. Kit confronts Len, telling him that he saw him helping Xaviax. Len denies it, but Kit doesn’t believe him.

      Meanwhile, Maya and Trent get a call from JTC, a famous hacker and hero of paranormal investigations, who says he has a tip about the kidnappings. He tells them to go to the city hospital, saying they’ll find the victims there.

      Kit returns to Torque and helps him defeat some monsters. Torque asks Kit what he thinks of Len now that he’s seen him side with Xaviax. Kit doesn’t know what to say.

      Maya and Trent follow JTC’s tip and go to the hospital. There they find Kit’s dad, who stares like a sleepwalker. Maya is amazed. She says she has to tell Kit.

    107: Friend or Foe

      Maya finds Kit and Drew, and tells Kit she found his dad. They rush to the hospital. Kit tries to wake his dad up, but can’t. Drew tells him that Xaviax did this. He drains the people he kidnaps. There is a cure, but Xaviax has it, and they’ll have to defeat him to get it. Kit says he’ll do anything to get the cure.

      When Drew leaves, Kit tells Maya that Drew says Len is working for Xaviax. He doesn’t know which side to chose, but because Drew said he can cure his dad, he’s leaning that way. Kit hears an attack warning and leaves.

      Kit finds Len fighting monsters. After they fight them, he tells Len that he found his dad, but that Xaviax has drained him. Len says he’s sorry, but there is no cure. There was a man who could have saved him, but that man is gone. Kit refuses to believe him, and leaves to find Drew.

      Len also goes to find Drew, to fight him. As they fight, Drew admits to tricking Kit, and says Xaviax has promised him that he’ll be king of the world. Len tells him that Xaviax will vent him when he no longer needs him. Drew doesn’t believe him, and blows Len up using a huge robot. It seems impossible that Len could have survived.

      Afterwards, Drew visits Kit and Kit tells him that he’s made up his mind. He will help Drew fight Xaviax and Wing Knight, as long as Drew will help him save his dad.

    108: Kamen Rider Camo

      Wing Knight recovers from getting blasted by Torque and staggers off.

      Meanwhile, Xaviax recruits Camo, an devious martial artist, telling him that he’s a mercenary captain who wants him to take out other mercenaries, starting with Wing Knight. Camo, obsessed with winning, accepts the commission.

      Maya talks to JTC, telling him that they found the missing people at the hospital, just like he said she would. They make a date to meet the next night. But before she finishes the call she’s kidnapped by a mirror monster.

      In Ventara, Len rescues Maya, fighting the monster that kidnapped her. Kit and Drew hear the attack warning too. They see Len fighting the monster. Drew tells Kit to attack Len. Kit hesitates. Drew asks him if he wants to save his dad or not. Before they can put their plan into action, they see Camo, who wants to fight Len on his own. He tells them to get lost or he’ll take them out. Kit says they shouldn’t fight because they’re all on the same side. They’re all after Wing Knight. Drew and Camo won’t listen. Kit and Drew fight Camo, but when he escapes and they lose Len, Drew blames Kit.

      In his lair, Xaviax watches, annoyed that they can’t all work together. He asks Kamen Rider Strike to send in Kamen Rider Thrust to finish the job.

      In Ventara, Len chases off the monster. Maya thanks him and asks where she is. Len says she’s in Ventara, his home world, and explains that Xaviax kidnapped all the people. He also tells her that Kit has been deceived by Drew. She believes him and asks him to try again to get Kit away from Drew. Len agrees to try, but just then he is attacked by Kamen Rider Thrust.

    109: Kamen Rider Thrust

      Len returns Maya to earth and fights Thrust. Thrust thinks he’s fighting in a tournament, and won’t listen when Len tells him it’s a war, not a game.

      Kit and Drew return to Kit’s house. Drew scolds Kit for losing Wing Knight and Camo. Kit questions him about what they’re fighting for. Drew counters by questioning Kit’s loyalty. Then Maya calls, telling Kit that Len is in trouble and that Drew is the one who’s working for Xaviax. Drew asks Kit if he believes her. Kit lies and says he doesn’t. He says they should go after Len.

      When they reach the fight, Camo appears again, telling them to back off. Wing Knight is his. Kit tries to make peace again, saying that they’re all on the same side. But Camo says he’s working for a mercenary, not Xaviax, like Drew said. Kit suddenly realizes what Xaviax is doing - telling each of the riders a different story to get them to fight Wing Knight. With this revelation comes the realization that Drew IS working for Xaviax after all.

      Drew admits it and attacks Camo, telling Kit that he’s next. Kit tries to stop him, but Drew vents Camo, then turns on Kit.

      Thrust sees Camo disintegrate as he fights Len. He’s stunned. He thought it was just a game. Nobody said anything about being disintegrated. He runs off, and Len limps toward Drew as he prepares to finish off Kit. Len blasts Drew and Drew runs off.

      Kit helps Len stand and apologizes to him, saying he should never have trusted Drew. Len forgives him and they return to Earth, where he and Maya bring Len to Kit’s house.

    110: Battle Club

      Thrust returns to earth and transforms into Brad Barrett, a disgraced motocross rider. A flashback reveals that Xaviax made it look like Brad cheated to win a race. Xaviax tells him that he runs a tournament called Battle Club, and that if Brad wins it, he will get the evidence that will clear his name. Brad reluctantly enters the tournament.

      At Kit’s house, Len explains why Xaviax can’t just give the Advent Decks to big tough bad guys. It’s because the earth riders are twins of the Ventara riders. The decks only work for people with an exact DNA match, so Xaviax has to trick the earth riders into fighting for him. Kit is confused by this because Xaviax didn’t give him his Advent Deck.

      Kit and Len hear an attack warning. Kit goes and fights a monster. Brad is there too. He chases off the monster and says he’s ready to fight Kit in Battle Club. Kit doesn’t know what he’s talking about, and runs to fight the monster. Brad watches him go, putting things together.

      Xaviax scolds Drew, saying he was supposed to vent Wing Knight, not fight Dragon Knight. No-one is to touch Dragon until Wing Knight is vented. Drew promises, but looks rebellious. Xaviax tells Kamen Rider Strike to watch him.

      Kit visits his father. He wonders if there really is a cure for him. In a dream, Dad says there is. Kit wakes and hears an attack warning. He leaves, promising his dad that he will find the cure.

      JTC arrives at the bookstore and shows Maya pictures of a Kamen Rider and asks her to investigate. JTC says he’s a wanted hacker, and can’t look into it himself. Maya agrees to find out more. As he leaves, JTC calls Xaviax and says everything has been set in motion.

      Meanwhile, Kit finds Brad fighting a monster. They defeat it, then Brad asks Kit about Battle Club. When he doesn’t get the answers he’s looking for, he attacks Kit.

    111: Vent or be Vented

      Brad knocks Kit down and Kit detransforms, revealing his true self. Brad is shocked that Kit’s just a kid. Kit tells him that being a Kamen Rider is no game. Brad finally understands and leaves, saying he has to talk to someone.

      Drew finds Brad and tries to convince him to help him fight Xaviax, saying that if they defeat him, he’ll get the evidence he needs to clear his name. Brad likes the idea, but is suspicious of Drew. He says he’s staying on his own. Drew says Brad needs him, but really Drew needs Brad.

      Maya and Trent investigate JTC’s mysterious Kamen Rider and find out where he’s been sighted. Maya comes up with a plan to lure the new rider out of hiding, then calls Kit and leaves a message on his machine, telling him about it.

      Xaviax finds Brad. Brad tells him he knows what he is, and knows he tricked him. Xaviax admits it, but says he is still the only one who can clear Brad’s name, and he’ll only do that if Brad vents Wing Knight. Vent or be vented.

      Maya tries to lure out the mystery rider by having Trent dress up as a monster and chase Lacey. Just then the rider shows up chasing a real monster. Maya runs after them, leaving Lacey and Trent behind. Kit arrives and he and the mystery rider fight the monster together.

      Brad finds Len, wanting to fight again. Len says Brad’s been tricked. Brad says he knows, but the only way out for him is to win. He attacks Len.

      Maya hears sirens and races back to Trent and Lacey. Trent has been beat up by a mime, and the police are questioning him. Maya tells the cop they were only making a movie, and he leaves, but nearby, Maya’s rival, Michelle Walsh, is watching and taking pictures of Trent in his monster suit.

      In Ventara, Kit and the mystery rider defeat the monster, then turn to each other. The mystery rider reveals himself to be Kamen Rider Sting, and tries to arrest Kit by order of the United States Government. Kit is confused.

    112: Kamen Rider Sting

      As Sting tries to arrest Kit, we flashback to his past. He is Chris Ramirez, and he’s been discharged from the marines for severe asthma, much to his father’s anger. Then Xaviax shows up as a secret agent, and tells him that aliens are kidnapping Americans. He offers Chris a chance to fight them in secret. Chris, desperate for a way to serve his country, agrees, and Xaviax gives him an Advent Deck.

      After the flashback, Chris continues fighting Kit. Kit drops his armor, revealing his true self, but Chris still thinks he’s an alien in a clever disguise.

      Nearby, Len and Brad are still fighting. Len gets Brad down, but can’t finish him. Kit sees the fight and runs to it with Chris. Brad uses Len’s hesitation to escape, and Kit tries to tell Len about Chris. But Chris isn’t waiting for introductions. Xaviax told Chris that Wing Knight is his primary target, and he attacks him. Kit and Len capture Chris and take him to Kit’s apartment.

      In his Lair, Xaviax confronts Drew, telling him he knows Drew is betraying him. Drew denies it, but Xaviax shows him footage of his conversation with Brad. Xaviax orders James and his minions to attack. Drew fights them, then escapes. Xaviax sends James after him.

      At Kit’s apartment, Len and Kit explain to Chris that Xaviax tricked him, but Chris is brainwashed. He doesn’t believe them, and when they’re distracted, he escapes. Len and Kit go after him.

      Len finds Chris and Chris attacks him. Len doesn’t want to fight, but has no choice. Len knocks Chris down and uses his final vent, but stops at the last minute, again unable to finish off another Kamen Rider. Chris watches as Len leaves, confused. He expected Len to be a ruthless alien.

      Meanwhile, in his apartment, Brad Barrett watches tapes of his old races, muttering over and over to himself, “Brad Barrett wins. Brad Barrett always wins.”

    113: Thrill of the Hunt

      After not being able to vent two riders, Len has self doubts. He gets angry at himself, saying, “Do your job!”

      Returning to his apartment, Kit explains to Maya that Chris thinks they’re the bad guys. Xaviax told him that they were evil aliens. He hears an attack warning and goes out again.

      Chris reports to Xaviax, telling him he met Kit and Len, and that they said what Xaviax said they would. Xaviax says Len and Kit are tricky, but will vent him if they get the chance. Chris is confused because that’s not what happened. Len had the chance to vent him and didn’t take it.

      Just as Kit defeats a monster, Drew shows up, begging for help. He says Xaviax is after him now, and he wants to team up with Len and Kit. Kit doesn’t trust him. Drew attacks, but Kit gets the best of him and chases him away.

      As Maya watches the fight, Chris shows up. Worried, Maya asks him what he’s going to do. Chris is conflicted and isn’t sure. He just watches the fight.

      Brad finds Len again, determined to finish him off this time. He’s done listening. They fight.

      As Drew runs, he thinks back to how he got into this mess. In a flashback, Drew is a con-man, selling cheap cell phones. The cops show up and he runs, only to find Xaviax waiting for him. Xaviax asks Drew if he can sell men on fighting each other, and offers him the world if he can do it. Amazed at Xaviax’s power, Drew takes the job.

      Looking for Drew, Kit finds Chris talking to Maya. He confronts Chris, but Chris says he’s ready to talk. He says he’s beginning to see that actions speak louder than words. They head off to find Len.

      Still running, Drew runs into James, who says he can run, but he can’t hide. James attacks Drew.

    114: Xaviax’s Promise

      Kit and Chris find Len and Brad fighting. Kit runs in and tries to convince Brad to stop fighting them and start fighting Xaviax, but Brad is convinced that the only way out of his situation is to defeat them. He attacks. Chris runs in and helps, and he and Len and Kit fight Brad.

      In the same location, Drew and James continue their fight. Drew sees an opportunity to line up all the riders and blast them all at once. He fires and everybody falls. Thinking the job is done, he leaves.

      Everybody is stunned except James, who hid behind Brad. He takes advantage of the situation and vents Brad, telling him he was too weak. Kit attacks him, but James won’t fight. He says he’s saving Kit for later, then leaves.

      As they recover, Chris tells Len and Kit he’s finally decided that they were right about Xaviax. He’s ready to team up with them. They shake on it.

      Meanwhile, at the bookstore, Maya discovers that she’s been fired from her reporting job because Michelle Walsh posted pictures of Trent in the monster suit and claimed that she was faking evidence of an alien sighting. Maya fumes, wishing she could tell the world about the Kamen Riders, but she promised not to.

      James catches up with Drew and they fight again. This time James finally vents Brad and he disintegrates. James takes Drew’s Advent Deck.

      At Kit’s Apartment, Len senses that Drew has been vented. Kit is sad, saying that even a jerk doesn’t deserve that. Len agrees. Chris says he’s beginning to understand how evil Xaviax is, and asks Kit and Len to tell him everything about the Kamen Riders. “And this time I’ll listen.”