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Toy Guide / Kamen Rider Dragon Knight

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Summer 2009
4" Kamen Rider Collectible Figures
Top Left to Right: Kamen Rider Dragon Knight, Wing Knight, Blank Knight, Sting.
Bottom Left to Right: Kamen Rider Camo, Strike, Incisor, and Torque. Each comes with a special weapon and Advent Card. Strike and Sting are yet to be released.

Deluxe Figure Sets
Each set include a 4" Rider figure in civilian form and their corresponding Kamen Rider Contract Beast: Dragreder and Kit; Len and Darkwing; and Drew and Magnugiga.

6.5" Kamen Rider Action Rider Figures
Len/Wing Knight and Kit/Dragon Knight, with a turn of a dial, the figure performs a sequence of three moves: arm extends to reveal their Advent Deck, a flashing light shines from his Advent Belt and the Rider mask flips down in place. Each figure comes with an Advent Card.

Kamen Rider Deluxe Rider Sets
Kamen Rider Dragon Knight with his cycle, Wing Knight with cycle and Blank Knight with Advent Cycle. Each set comes with cycles, riders, and translucent attachments. The cycles come with illuminating LED lights.

Dual Bike and Rider Sets
This set of two 4" Rider figures and their corresponding bikes, which can catch air with the included ramp. Figures are highly detailed with over nine points of articulation. The set includes two Advent Cards.

Kamen Rider Deluxe Weapons
Dragon Knight Dragvisor includes three Advent Cards. Each item in the toy line features an Advent Card that can unlock hidden sounds in the Dragvisor. Advent Belt features the same turbo spinning action, insert your favorite Rider Card to initiate into Rider Mode, complete with light and sound effects.

Kamen Rider Roleplaying Playset
The set comes with a miniature Dragvisor, Advent Deck and mask.


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